Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pick of the Week - October 1

As I have likely mentioned previously, I recently relocated my craft space back where it was before my Mom moved in with us in March of 2011. I scrapbook differently now than I did then, and my stash has grown and changed a lot. For a few weeks, I've given thought to and been on the lookout for storage solutions to help me organize my new old space.

The crate in the photo above was a great find at one of the area Target stores. Made of sturdy white plastic, it is the perfect size for storing my assembled sticker sheets and patterned paper, as well as kits and two rows of Thickers. I bought two and plan to buy a couple more.

So far, this solution is working great, and at $3.49 each, it's great on the budget, too! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available at Target's online store, but that just means a shopping excursion to the nearest Target!