Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Month of June - A Recap

That sound you hear is another month of 2015 flying by, and me trying to catch my breath!

In the beginning of this month, our nephew was discharged from the hospital after a successful bone marrow transplant, his second. Most of my days have been filled with caregiving tasks, though I have been able to find time to do some catching up on my memory keeping. I don't have photos, but I have completed several spreads in my pocket page album for 2015, and I have all the photos in pockets up to right now.

I celebrated my birthday this month, a quiet day doing what I wanted to do, including some paper-crafting:

My husband brought home this absolutely stunning bouquet of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen in so many different shades of my favorite color:

He also got takeout, one of my favorite meals from one of our favorite places, since we were a bit grounded with our nephew being in recovery and unable to go out with us.

It was a good day that made me very happy.

Michigan has been a lot warmer this summer than usual, and we've had so much rain!

Thunderstorms and showers throughout whole days, and last week, it cooled off and felt a lot like fall. Crazy weather in MittenLand!

Earlier this month, I took the plunge and joined Ali Edwards stamp club, committing to six months. I like how Ali expands the meaning of the theme in so many different directions. I haven't had the chance to play with my first stamp set just yet, but I definitely will soon.

I treated myself to a couple of kits from Paper Camellia, too, and they arrived in such a lovely package:

(I know, blurry...but it was evening, and the lighting wasn't good, so I just went with it...)

One of my favorite things about June was getting to work in our garage and start the project of cleaning out that has been on hold for--literally--years. I discovered something very special among my mother's things I did not know existed, and I'm saving that for another blog post. I will say that I jumped up and down--again...literally. I was that excited.

Unfortunately, my nephew had to go back to the hospital for a bit, due to some common complications of the procedure he had, but he's in good hands and will likely be back home within a couple of days.

My husband and I went to visit him last Saturday afternoon, and on the way home, we stopped at a new (to me) restaurant called Beans and Cornbread. Oh...the food!

Here in the North, it's rare to find a place that serves real southern food, like catfish and fried okra, and it was so tasty I was basking in the bliss of it hours afterward.

And so, another month is (just about) done.