Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Currently - A Bit of a Reboot

I can't even count the times I've started this post, the one that will end my long hiatus (since last NOVEMBER, people!) from blogging and launch the reboot of my blog in alignment with my word for 2016.

I've really struggled, probably because I'm overthinking it.

So, instead of trying to write a long explanation of all that's happened and all the details about what I want my blog to be, going forward--there'll be time for that later--I'm just going to just start with a simple list of what's currently going on in my life.



Reading - Victoria magazine, catching up on issues from as long ago as 2013! (Looks like blogging isn't the only thing I'm behind in.)

Cheering - Noell Hyman for making big changes and doing what's right for her health, life, and happiness.

Watching - Let's see, NCIS and Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix, the premiere of the 10th season of Big Bang Theory last night, videos from May Flaum's newest class, Kitastic, that started yesterday.

Learning - To be patient with my body as it heals and keep my monkey mind from fearing the worst.

Planning - To rest, recover, and enjoy autumn in Michigan.

Working - Not working on much right now, unless it's keeping the laundry down to a dull roar.

Making - A few scrapbook pages, though I've been a little too worn out to put my whole heart into it lately.

Avoiding - The list is long and distinguished.

Eating - Soup, pudding, applesauce, all kinds of the softest foods.

Buying - Scrapbooking supplies, particularly autumn-themed stuff.

Trying - To figure out what's next.

Drinking - Lots of juice, herbal tea and water.

Enjoying - The Scrap Gals podcast

Wishing/Hoping - That I'll be back to normal within the next couple of days, and this minor health crisis will just be a bad memory.

I was inspired to do this Currently list by this post by Tiffany Lowder, whose blog I recently started reading. It's a good way to grab a quick snapshot of life right now.

(Now, see? That wasn't so hard...)