Sunday, January 22, 2017

Calendar Pages as Backgrounds

One day, I was sitting at the table in my scrapbooking studio, and I noticed the calendar my husband bought me for Christmas in 2015, one that was on my wish list. This calendar contained twelve Disney paintings (reprinted, of course) by Thomas Kinkade, whose art I've admired for many years.

The December page was Peter Pan and his friends, flying over London, and I was suddenly struck with inspiration: I could use that page as a background for telling the story of one of my favorite rides at The Magic Kingdom, Peter Pan's Flight.

I only had one photo of the exterior sign of the ride, and it fit perfectly, with enough room for journaling, without obscuring too much of the image.

I did trim the original page down from 12x12, adhering it to a grey striped patterned paper matching the dominant color in the picture. White glitter foam Thickers for a title and a lovely bunch of sequins for embellishment, and I really love the result.

As I was taking the calendar apart, I realized that I had other photos that would go well with the Disney scenes pictured. Here's a layout I created using the The Little Mermaid calendar page:

This is the last in a series of different-sized pages about The Little Mermaid ride and posing for photos afterward. I chose minimal embellishment because the background is full of color and energy, and the few gems add just a bit of sparkle.

Last, I did a two-page layout with photos taken near Beast's Castle:

A closer view of the left page:

And a closer view of the right-side with the calendar page background:

I especially like how this layout turned out, and finding a use for these calendar pages I like so much in my Disney album made me happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Right Now - January 2017

I am struggling really hard to get used to progressive lenses, and it is making regular daily activities, like anything I do on the computer, really, really challenging. It's also making me more than a little cranky, I admit.

I am still trying to decide what my word for 2017 will be. I had settled on one, but listening to an episode of a podcast, I started to change my mind. Now, I'm teetering back and forth on the fence, more indecisive than I usually am, and that is interfering with my usual excitement and anticipation about starting the One Little Word project. I need to pick one of the words and get on with it.

I am over-the-moon excited to be participating in the Awesome Ladies Project. (More on that in a future post.)

I am reading a book called Designing Your Life that is inspiring me and teaching me a different approach to solving some of the big problems in life, such as "what next?"

I am almost done with the Disney portion of my 2014 vacation album and loving the layouts I've been making, excited to finish this project and move on to some of the others.