Monday, December 2, 2013

Journal Your Christmas 2013 - Intentions Declared

Journal Your Christmas for 2013 is underway. I almost didn't participate this year, but when I flipped through last year's album, I realized what a treasure I held in my hands, and I wanted one for this year, as well.

The first prompt for this project is to write a manifesto, which I am calling my declaration of intentions, for the season. I kept it simple, thinking about what matters to me, and how to keep those things central to my celebration of this season celebrating light.

So for 2013, I am choosing...

- to not control what I can't control
- to relax and enjoy
- to embrace imperfection
- to accept what is
- to slow down and savor moments
- to remember stress is not merry
- to notice light
- to find joy

Already, these intentions have helped guide me on my path toward enjoyment of this season. Last night, I was feeling overwhelmed and sad by some realities in my life right now. I took a walk in the cold twilight, and I thought about some of these intentions, ticking them off in my head as I walked past neighborhood homes strung with lights. I smiled when I saw one decoration that simply said, "Joy."

I'm looking forward to the days ahead as the celebration unfolds. May your December be merry and bright.

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  1. i like your thinking, hope you have a great season and a fabulous treasure book of memories at the end.
    caroline x