Monday, August 18, 2014

Anniversary 2013 Album - Part 1

On August 8, I went to a crop at the local scrapbook store, something I hadn't done in a long, long time. I took too much stuff, as I always do, because I wanted choices of what to work on. Included were photos from our anniversary last year, and My Own Kit from February, and I started creating the album for that occasion, which I wrapped up yesterday.


That's the cover page, and I love that red bow. I've had it so long, I don't even recall what it's from, but it rocks to get it onto a page.

The second page, all about one of our favorite things: coffee. I like the subdued tones, here, and the stamped hearts.

4x6 cards as patterned paper made a great background for this photo. With the busy patterns the tilted design, I hoped to convey the energy and busy-ness of the big city.

The large letter stamps weren't part of the original kit, but they fit the bill for a large title.

I like creating pages like this one with minimal product on a neutral background that really lets the photos stand out.

Lots of great patterns here to convey (I hope) the energy and bustle of a busy city street.

This one, my favorite so far. The mix of colors, the title treatment, all of it appeals to me, and it came together easily.

Photos of the rest of the pages are taken. Hope to have those up soon.

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