Sunday, November 3, 2013

Welcome, November 2013

A quick stop at one of my favorite local parks before I had to pick my Mom up from adult day care on the first day of the month, and I took this photo with my iPhone camera.

November already. A year flying by, and not because we're having fun, though there have been moments of joy to celebrate throughout the turbulence of this difficult year.

It's not over yet, and our family has a lot of strong winds and rough seas to weather in the next two months and beyond.

Important to stop for a stolen moment between tasks and responsibilities and notice Nature in all her glory my favorite season of the year. Important to ground myself in what matters to me. Important to recognize that life IS transition, a series of changes and adjustment to those changes, each one stacked on top of the other, building strength and stamina and resilience.

The next season approaches, and our family begins the next leg of our journey.

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