Sunday, October 13, 2013

A True Love Story

Today would have been their 51st wedding anniversary. Locked in that kiss, forever captured on film, those are my parents, Rachel and George. Both had been married before. Both had faced betrayal by their spouses. Their love was unexpected.

And it was forever.

I recently created a scrapbook page with the title, "A True Love Story Never Ends," and it featured a photo from their wedding day with a photo from their 40th anniversary. Their love story, their living of it every day as I grew up, became the inspiration for me to wait for the one I could create a forever love story of my own with.

My Daniel.

Because of that day, 51 years ago, and every single day of their together that followed, I didn't settle. I watched them live in love, and I wanted a love like that. I knew because of them that a love like theirs was worth waiting for, and I waited.

And I found him.

My father left us in June of 2003, ten years ago, now. The hole in my life, in my heart, that losing him caused will never be healed. I know it is even worse for my mother. That she is living without him is a testament to her strength and to their love.

Oh, how he loved her.

That kind of love never, ever dies.

Today, I am celebrating their 51 years. I am grateful that they were such a shining example to me. I am grateful that Mom has many good memories with him to hold onto. I am grateful my Dad got to know Daniel, even for a short time. He knew that Daniel would take care of me.

I am grateful that at our wedding reception Mom and Dad danced to their song, and I have that memory to carry in my heart always.

And I am so very grateful that Daniel and I are living the same kind of forever love my parents knew.

Happy Anniversary, Rachel and George.

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