Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Whole Collection

Awhile back, I took a class Shimelle had done for True Scrap, called The Perfect Collection. The idea of using one whole collection of papers, and only that collection, to create a number of layouts really appealed to me, and the collection I chose was from LilyBee Designs that contained papers with many of the colors of autumn. I added some card stock and a few various supplies for embellishment, of course. The process of cutting the papers apart and putting layouts together before I had selected which photos went with which pages was energizing, though a few of them were quite the challenge.

Eventually, I came up with a fine collection of completed pages showcasing photos from autumn, 2012.

There were also at least a couple two-page layouts I didn't photograph.

I think this process worked well for getting quite a few pages done in a fairly short amount of time. (It took longer to get the pictures taken and posted!) Using this strategy for a whole album on one subject, rather than just a bunch of pages for different albums, would work even better, and I hope to put that to the test in the future.

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