Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Safari - October 2013

Every once in awhile, especially during autumn, I like to head out to one of our beautiful local parks with my camera and take some photos. Last Tuesday, I abandoned my household chores and headed out for a day of fun, including a stop at both those parks, camera in tow, this time with my zoom lens.

Here are some favorite photos from that outing:

Bright sunshine, cloudless blue sky, and these gorgeous golden leaves. Breathtaking.

Along one of the forest trails, this tree with red berries in profusion, catching the sunlight, almost sparkled.

Leafy path striped with sunlight...

...and a path carpeted with pine needles.

The mulch underfoot, sprinkled with leaves.

The busy creek.

That glorious shade of autumn red.

This little critter, foraging for food stores. Winter is coming.

Pudgy little squirrel enjoying an afternoon snack, too busy chowing down to notice much around him...or so it seemed.

I feel lucky that there are such lovely places nearby to go, get away for a few minutes, get out into nature. Being able to capture it in photos just makes it all the better.

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