Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pick of the Week-September 10

Over at the Paperclipping forum, we are starting a weekly thread for all us scrappin' babes to share our picks of the week like Noell and her Paperclipping Roundtable guests and sometimes Izzy do on the podcast.

My pick for this week is a specialty magazine called Flow.

I'm not usually one to spend so much money on a magazine, but this one is not a regular magazine, either. The photography is simply gorgeous, and this one issue is packed with information and inspiration. I love its design and the way it's divided up into categories, with several articles and columns for each. This particular issue came with postcards to tear out, as well as a notebook with writing exercises that went along with one of the articles.

The inspiration is plentiful, but I also love the texture of most of the pages. I imagine tearing some out to use in my art journal or cutting out quotes or pictures to use on multi-media projects. The magazine is produced in the Netherlands; I found mine on the newsstand at the local Barnes and Noble. Check it out online here.

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