Friday, November 11, 2016

Favorite Photos - October 2016 Edition

1.  Box of Pumpkins

Oh, how I love the sight of pumpkins in the sunshine. These were all piled up in a large wooden box at our favorite orchard and pumpkin patch where we stopped one afternoon to enjoy the quintessentially autumn atmosphere.

2. Hanging Out with the 'Phew

Me and my nephew, DJ, outside Olive Garden after dinner.

3. Friendly Neighborhood Deer

We were trying to get to our favorite park, and we got rerouted because of road construction through this woodsy neighborhood. A couple of deer wandered across the road as we passed, and I stopped to snap a picture with my iPhone.

4. Anniversary Smiles

Us, at Gallup Park, on our anniversary. Together is the best.

5. At Harvest Time

On our anniversary weekend getaway, we visited a tiny little town called Coopersville to take a train ride. We had time to wander the main street there and came across this display of autumn produce for sale.

6. By the Pitcher Plants

There's my sweetheart, posing for me by a pitcher plant at the Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. Oh yeah, baby!

7. Pillar of Flowers

Also at the Meijer Gardens, this breathtaking display of flowers, many (or all?) of them chrysanthemums.

8. The Bridge at the Japanese Gardens

I'm pretty sure Daniel took this shot of a bridge in the Japanese Gardens, also at the Meijer Gardens. Purely lovely.

9. Ground Perspective

Out on photo safari one day, I lowered the camera nearer the ground to capture this leaf in the grass.

10. Golden

The photo couldn't possibly do it justice, this tall tree in full autumn regalia.

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