Friday, May 31, 2013

June Daily and Other News

Another hiatus from my happy little blog as complications of my life as a caregiver interfere. My nephew is back in the hospital, about a week and a half now, after an infection from his second round of chemotherapy.

Which means I'm driving back and forth to the hospital every day. Thank goodness for good music, like Hall & Oates and Rick Springfield, music from my favorite era, the 1980's. And thank goodness for interesting podcasts like Paperclipping Roundtable and Adventures in Arting.

Especially thank goodness for a wonderful, generous, patient man who holds down the fort at home so I can be at the hospital, keeping the 'phew company.

Normally, I'd be on the verge of a flurry of scrapbooking fun with 30 in 30 Scrapbooking, but with everything going on, I'm not going to hold that challenge this month either. Sad, I know, but maybe in September, things in my life will have settled down enough that I can at least coordinate the 30 in 30 challenge, even if I can't participate as much as I'd like to.

We have no idea yet what's going to be happening in my nephew's journey toward recovery from cancer.

But in June, I'm going to try something new. Well...sort of new. Each December, I do some kind of documentation of the holiday month, either December Daily with Ali Edwards or Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle Laine. Last December, I thought about what it might be like to do a different month of the year in the same way. Granted, no other month tends to be as full of fun and activity and celebrations as December, but I decided to try some kind of daily project for a different month of the year, see how it goes.

I picked June because it's about halfway between, and because June is my birth month. Most of my supplies for the project are already bought. (I'll try to grab a photo in the next couple days if the cloud cover goes away.) I bought new notebooks the other day, one of which will be perfect for documenting June's happenings on the go. Figuring on at least one photo per day, and since there are 30 days in June, I'm still kind of keeping with the 30 in 30 theme, right?

I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also looking forward to May Flaum's Camp Scrap class, and I'm already looking at materials from Heidi Swapp's Art of Observation class, the self-paced version, which is awesome. Heidi has a unique perspective, and I am looking forward to learning from her as there is time.

Time remains an elusive commodity. I'm trying to squeeze in moments of creativity and craftiness. Today--yes, the last day of the month--I worked on the project for One Little Word, and I'm hoping to complete the monthly report for Move More, Eat Well before my head hits the pillow tonight.

May was another difficult month for us, but we are standing strong. We are looking forward to the good mixed in with the difficult as summer arrives. Daniel is off next week before he begins a new adventure with a brand new job, and we're hoping to steal some time together, maybe have an adventure or two to give us a taste of vacation, and we'll keep supporting our nephew as he continues to face the rigors of fighting cancer.

So, saying "so long" to May and saying "welcome!" to June.


  1. This is a great idea Mel. One of the reasons I love Project Life.. taking just about a photo a day all year long. So interesting! I really hope you and Daniel get away for a day or two and enjoy a breath of fresh air admist the chaos. You are a strong woman!