Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome, December

Welcome, hustle and bustle, busy-busy-busy, go-go-go.

Welcome, sparkle and bright and glitter and bows.

Welcome, quiet moments to reflect on Christmases past.

Welcome, fond memories of loved ones, far away, near, and departed.

Welcome, celebration and libations!

Welcome, shopping, long times waiting in line. Welcome, smiles and greetings from strangers, all of us in the same boat.

Welcome, inspiration: the perfect gift! Welcome, surprises left by the postal carrier.

Welcome, excitement...anticipation. Welcome, warmth and happiness and a little dose of melancholy for what used to be.

Welcome, triumphant music and jingle bells and laughter and love.

Welcome, cookies and yummies and tasty traditions.

Welcome, chilly days and frosty nights and--hopefully--snow.

Welcome, stories--the ones we tell every year, the ones we know by heart, the ones we see and hear.

Welcome, brand new memories to carry into holiday seasons to come.

Welcome, joy.

Welcome, the closing chapter of another year. Welcome, new beginnings.

Yes...welcome, December.

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