Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week in the Life - May 2014

Last month, I took one week and documented everything we did in detail, using an album from Simple Stories to display those details with supplies mostly from Simple Stories, along with some stamps and inks.

Today, I'm sharing some of the pages I created, beginning with the introduction page:

Next, the first page of day one:

This is the first page for day two. I varied the way I dated each collection of pages, but I used the same day of the week die cuts.

Two pages from Monday, and I'm digging on how all of these photos fit together.

Here, one of my favorite parts of the album, covering Nifty Fifties day at my little Mommy's nursing home, where the staff set up a great little "carnival" in the dining room. Love my Mom's fabulous pose and the background page's color fitting in nicely with the theme of the photos.

Another two pages about our typical everyday life, as well as specifically all the rain we got that week.

For this page, I backed a die cut page with plain card stock so I could fit more photos on the reverse side. I love the little cloud to signify even more rain!

Switching gears toward a bit of a travel theme as we embarked upon a weekend away for the World Expo of Beer on day six.

And a pocket page to hold all the memorabilia, including beer tickets we didn't wind up using and our hotel receipt. Also, a good spot for another photo.

For me, it's very important to document the every day, and this particular week provided a lot of daily content, as well as some special events to round it all out. I enjoyed the process of documenting this week in our life, and putting together the album inspired me to consider more pocket-style scrapbooking on a regular basis.


  1. Wow....these pages are awesome Mel. Glad to see you are testing the pocket page scrapping waters. It will hook you quickly. I love documenting things that would otherwise be forgotten.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today to leave about the Two Peas post. It's been a sad day indeed, and it will take us all a while to adjust, but we'll adapt, I'm sure of it. I was just looking at your pages here and thinking what a great album idea this is. I don't have the stamina for PL, but a smaller-scale week-in-the-life project might be just what I need to try! I love your handwriting, by the way -- it has such personality!

  3. I really love these Mel! I bet you'd love doing weekly PL pages too. ;)
    - April