Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodbye, August 2015

While July seemed to linger much longer than its thirty-one days, August seemed to fly by. I took a few minutes today to review the photos from the month and select some favorites.

1. On a trip to one of my favorite local parks, I saw this tattered red leaf lying on the ground. It reminded me how soon all the leaves will be turning as my favorite season arrives.

2. That same day, at a different park, I caught the dizzying spectacle of a monarch chasing flowers and captured several poses of her perched on a purple coneflower.

3. Just outside the office building where my husband works, this delectable hydrangea bloomed.

4. All the Legos! Throughout the month of August, I worked on a huge Lego-cleaning project. My nephew's Legos from his childhood needed to be cleaned and disinfected so that it's safe for him to handle them with his current health concerns. The goal was to get all of them clean and into his gigantic Lego bin by the end of August, and although that didn't happen, I did make a great deal of progress.

5. I'm often captivated by the play of light in the world around me. Here, sunlight shining through a tree, casting a lacy shadow on the cement walk.

6. In our house, it's almost an ongoing joke: we have too many cups. But when my husband and I were on date night, browsing through shops at our local mall, I saw this cup at Papyrus, and it had to come home with me. Already, it's become a new favorite.

7. A few minutes relaxing on the deck in the back yard, enjoying the cool summer morning. Sick with a virus that I did not want my nephew to catch, I wore the mask whenever I was going to be in close contact with him, taking it off when I was outside.

8. My husband and I were out for a drive in a lovely little rain shower, treated to a rainbow afterward.

9. In July I signed up for an online e-course/challenge called Write Yourself Alive. Not only did I write every day in August, I renewed my commitment to writing as practice and discovered truths about myself as a writer that will help me keep that commitment going forward.

10. Apples at Joe's Produce. I love apples, and I love the light bathing them. I love the implicit promise of apple picking in the orchard very soon.

11. On one of my evening walks around the neighborhood, I saw a whole lotta frogs! Little tiny frogs, one as little as a peanut shell, hanging out on the sidewalk. I had to be a little mindful not to step on them. Curious.

12. Us. Time together. Even just watching TV. Utter bliss. Always.

13. This letter I discovered in a box of my mother's greeting cards was written by her father to her when she was away for a week or so. She was 11. Discovered treasures like this make me so happy.

14. Goldenrod in our back yard. Up close. Every year, I see these bright yellow blossoms and know that summer is drawing to a close, and fall will be here soon.

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