Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 in 30 Scrapbooking - Thankfully

With November being the month of Thanksgiving (for those of us in the United States), my thoughts naturally turn to gratitude. In the past, I've done projects highlighting things I'm thankful for. Sometimes, just writing it down. Sometimes, an album for the week of Thanksgiving, highlighting seven things in my life that make me feel grateful.

I love those projects.

This November, in connection with my new adventure, 30 in 30 Scrapbooking, I'm going to expand my focus to naming and photographing 30 things that make me feel thankful.

I'm calling it 30 in 30 Scrapbooking - Thankfully, and I'm inviting you to join me.

While I would love to commit to daily writing and photos throughout the month, I know and own that daily commitments no longer work for me, the very reason I created the 30 in 30 Scrapbooking challenge in the first place.

But I know that I can take 30 photos in 30 days. And I know that I can write about thirty things that I'm grateful for within the month of November.

I know the combination will make a lovely album, and it will help me recover from the high levels of stress and tension that are part of my everyday life as a caregiver.

The cool thing is, I'm not the only one with this idea. In fact, Cathy Zielske wrote this blog post about her thankfulness project, and she's got a couple free downloads, as well as this great digital package available for sale here if you want to go the digital or hybrid route.

I'm going to do a more traditional album, myself. I haven't quite figured out which album or which collection I'll use just yet, but trust me: there are plenty of beautiful autumn-themed papers and embellishments in my stash to fill two thankful albums.

I'll be sharing the album, as well as some of the photos here.

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