Friday, October 19, 2012

At Last - Layout Completed

Sometimes, I get hung up on perfection. I want to tell a certain story in the perfect way, with the perfect supplies. As a result, I sometimes take a long time to get a story told on the page.

That's the way it was with the layout above.

I had the journaling all typed up and ready to print, and I waited for the perfect papers. It's strange that, with as much as I love purple, I have very little of it in my stash. These papers from Sei, though, provided the perfect background for these photos of Daniel and me and our friend Jill just as we began to fall in love.

For the facing page of the layout, I chose 8x8, rather than 12x12, and the journaling fit exactly on the back with a couple embellishments.

Here's how the pages look together,

Instead of buying embellishments to coordinate, I did a lot of cutting from one sheet of patterned papers and added some gems and some spray mist for a bit of dazzle. The look is exactly what I wanted, and I love that this story is told, not necessarily perfectly--if that's even possible--but in a way that makes me happy.

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