Friday, November 27, 2015

30 in 30 Thankfully - All Wrapped Up

As this day after Thanksgiving wanes, and the month of November begins drawing to a close, I am finishing my 30 in 30 Thankfully project with the last seven of the 30 things I'm thankful for this month.

24. I am thankful for that amazing sunset pictured above. Coming out of Barnes and Noble, that light-painted sky caught my eye, and I paused to snap a photo with my phone. I love having that technology in my pocket to capture life as it happens.

25. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving day, time to relax, do a bit of scrapbooking, spend moments with Daniel and DJ, eat good food, and write our wish lists for the holiday season. A simple, sweet holiday with people I love is a treasure indeed.

26. I am thankful for the local scrapbook store, where I've spent many a happy hour browsing and buying, and where I've met some wonderful people that have become good friends. I know not every scrapbooker is lucky enough to have such an awesome store nearby.

27. I am thankful for the book I'm currently reading, Writing Is My Drink. I am becoming inspired to write again, and that dovetails nicely with the word I've just about settled on for 2016.

28. I am thankful for the fun day I had with Daniel today, having breakfast, shopping, getting coffee, being together, laughing like we always do. Lucky, lucky, lucky me.

29. I am thankful for plenty. I know how fortunate I am to have what I have, to enjoy the abundance I enjoy. Life is good.

30. Finally, I am thankful for my own strength. It has been another very difficult year for me, and I am proud of myself for continuing to stand. Part of that is because of my parents who taught me by their examples how it's done. They are both gone, but their love for me lives on in my memories of who they were and who they taught me to be.

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