Sunday, November 8, 2015

30 in 30 Thankfully - Day 7

(Yes, I realize I'm running a bit behind, but I intend to remedy that today.)

That is my nephew last May on his way into Karmanos Cancer Center on the day before he was admitted for a procedure we hope will save his life. He has leukemia, as I've written about before, and that disease, especially the form he has, is particularly nasty, as well as resilient.

I recently read this article about a new procedure that may eventually turn the tide in the sometimes losing battle with leukemia. It gave me hope that someday people diagnosed with this terrible disease will not have to endure the misery my nephew has endured, that someday, cancers of all kinds will not leave the devastation in their wake that they do, now.

I am thankful beyond measure that my nephew is doing well right now, and I am thankful that the little baby girl mentioned in that article has survived and is doing well. And I'm also thankful for the hope this new medical development brings.

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