Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Photos - August 2012

This month, I didn't take very many photos at all, probably because August is my least favorite month of the year. The heat makes me cranky, makes me want to curl up in the air conditioning. So I don't do much in the last month of the summer, and there is a dearth of photos.

Still...I took a few:

I was standing near my Mom's bedroom window and caught sight of the lovely summer sky. By the time I got downstairs and outside with my camera, most of the pretty color had faded already, but I captured what I could, a fleeting memory of one sunset.

There he is, the love of my life. The anchor that keeps me sane. I love that smile. I love him.

Our friend Amy couldn't make it to Mom's party, so she gave the gift to me when we met for coffee. I love the smile on Mom's face. So full and genuine. I'm glad I get to be the daughter of this great lady.

I took a few hours one afternoon to do some necessary shopping and paused for a lovely lunch at Panera. I ordered clam chowder, but the person taking my order misunderstood, and I got summer corn chowder instead. Talk about serendipitous mistakes! That stuff is tasty! Last time I had Panera, just a few days ago, I ordered it on purpose because...yum.

Now that we have a generator that will guarantee our sump pump runs, now that I don't need to worry about flooding in the basement, I can enjoy the rain. Beautiful downpours like this one make me happy.

Pretty sure there'll be quite a few more photos to share in September, especially with the beginning of my favorite season. Leaves are already turning, and once it cools off, I'll be snapping away...

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