Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update - August 8

Believe me, I do realize that I've neglected my blog lately. Most of the end of July was tied up with plans and preparation for my mother's 80th birthday celebration.

Our 24-year-old air conditioner died in the wake of this terrible heat we've been having, the week I was planning to go on a cleaning spree to get ready for a houseful of people.

Talk about stress!

With all that behind me, though, I'm starting to get back into the swing of normal, everyday life, and here's what's going on with me right now.

- I more-or-less completed my 12 Days of Summer album, and the sad news is, I don't like it very much. Yes, it documents those 12 days, and that is valuable, but it isn't very visually appealing to me, which is why I haven't posted photos yet. I am percolating ways to improve it, and once I do, photos will be shared.

- Yesterday, I received the first kit in my brand new six-month subscription to the Studio Calico kit club. I've had my eye on that club for some time, now, and I finally decided to take the plunge and join up. So far, other than a little glitch in the delivery of my first kit, I like the SC club very much. Did you know there are forums at the Studio Calico website? I'm meeting nice people there. Check it out.

- Also yesterday, I got to participate in a great sale at Archivers. 43% off all stamps, and I picked up some good stuff. A 43% coupon was also emailed to me, so I picked up the album I'll be using to scrapbook Mom's party, her gift from us. I just went with an American Crafts 3-ring 12x12 binder. Nothing fancy outside, but there will be fanciness inside, don't you worry! :)

- While shopping at Archivers, I discovered they had the brand new, drool-worthy collection from Bo Bunny on the shelves. Apple Cider is prettier in person than the on-screen previews, and the only disappointment was they didn't have the collection pack. A helpful employee checked for me, and it's on back order at Bo Bunny, so bummer. But I did pick up a few pieces of paper, the flower pack, the die cut pack, and some bling. Luscious, and I can't wait to start making pages with it. My eyes are peeled for Two Peas or to carry it. I can wait...patiently...maybe...

- Even with all the shopping and chasing down my package from Studio Calico yesterday, I had some time to actually create a scrapbook page. Do you get rusty when you haven't scrapped in awhile? Sometimes, it feels a bit awkward, getting back to it when I've been on even a short hiatus. Writing is like that for me, too, even though I journal and write other things, like blog posts and emails, regularly. It's different, putting words together to tell a story, I guess. Anyway, I hope to have at least one layout up later today, possibly two. It feels good to be scrapping again, playing with paper.

- My next big project, before we zoom right into 30 in 30 for September, is to complete my Mom's album about her birthday. I'm going to include photos from the party, memorabilia, the index cards I had people write for her, birthday cards, and other photos and stuff from her actual birthday. I'm going to go with some papers from October Afternoon, possibly a few from Echo Park Paper, and I am looking forward to getting that done. Eventually, I'll also be able to complete the 31 Things album. Getting photos assembled and printed for that project has proven more time-consuming and tricky than I ever would've imagined, but I keep reminding myself to relax, let things take the time they take.

What's going on in your life, scrappy or otherwise, these days?

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  1. The album you're making for your Mom is going to be amazing! How cool you subscribed to SC.. people go GAGA over their stamps.. can't wait to see how you use them. I haven't been scrapping much; getting ready for back to school :)