Monday, August 20, 2012

Something New - Autumn 2012

September is coming, and mine is bound to be a busy one! In addition to the September 2012 edition of 30 in 30 Scrapbooking, which is going to be a blast, I'm going to be doing something new.

Art journaling.

These are the blank journals I've chosen, found in a little art store next to a Dairy Queen. On sale, they were about $22 for both of them, a savings of 40%.

And yes, there are two. Because I'm not embarking on this new artsy adventure solo. My Mom is going to join me, and I'm so excited to get started. I ordered some supplies from Simon Says Stamp, and I'll be sorting through my stash for other things to use. I've bookmarked some art journaling blogs for inspiration, and Mom and I are going to get started on the first day of autumn, September 22nd.

I'm counting the days...


  1. Oh my goodness Mel, how exciting!! I can't wait to see what you'll be doing and am SO happy you are doing it with your mom. ;)

  2. ^^ What she said. I've seen some really awesome things made with this type of style! I know yours will be too.

  3. Wow - I'm so jealous. I'd love to share something creative with my mom, but she just doesn't get it. When she's in my scrap room, she says things like "so you really like this??

    Can't wait to see what you do.