Friday, August 31, 2012

Pick of the Month - August 2012

It's no secret I love me some autumn. So when I was cruising around my LSS and spotted a new autumn collection from a new paper manufacturer, I was thrilled.

I picked up these four sheets, two the same, of the Sugar Hill collection from FarmHouse Paper Company. I love tones of color and the patterns, and I'm certain these will coordinate well with other fall collections.

Those are the B sides of the papers, and I absolutely adore the one with the text background and little cluster of leaves. In fact, I may have to have at least one more sheet of that one.

Now, I usually don't select a pick of the month without having put it to use, but I know these papers will not be in my stash for long, especially because I'm getting ready to start scrapbooking my wedding in earnest. (Yeah. It's only been TEN years!)

What about you? Got any cool products or techniques or something else you're really psyched about right now? C'mon and share!

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