Monday, April 9, 2012

Coloring Eggs

When I was a child, we colored eggs for Easter on Saturday night so that Mom and Dad could hide them for Easter morning. Mom used colored bowls for the dye, each one holding its corresponding color, and my brothers and I would gather around the supper table, carefully dipping our eggs into our favorite colors.

I've colored eggs twice since then, but yesterday was the first time I've colored eggs with my mother since I was a kid.

I bought a kit for last year, but we never got around to doing it. Convenient little egg-shaped cups came with the dye tablets, that little wire tool, and a crayon that turned out to be useless.

There were three different options for mixing the color, and we went with straight vinegar. Such brilliant colors, and both Mom and I had a good time, especially reliving happy memories.

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  1. Such happy pictures! Can't wait for the scrapbook page. ;)