Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Favorite Design Challenge

For this challenge, Shimelle encouraged us to choose a favorite design. All sorts of designs appeal to me. I keep lots of sketches, both in a folder on my Mac and printed-out sketches in a binder, and I have some design inspirations saved on two different Pinterest boards. To choose just one favorite felt a little tricky to me, but I realized that one design concept appeals to me probably more than anything else.

I like to gather up a bunch of bits and pieces that look great together on a plain or subdued background, kind of messy and collaged with a bit of a haphazard tone. Those are the layouts that catch my eye and make me happiest, so that's what I chose for this challenge, and here is the resulting page:

Everything came from My Own Kit, April 2013, and I used a lot more of those pages from the Dear Lizzy mini, including the pocket. I liked tucking in the journaling so some of it could be hidden since I wanted to include the whole story, but not all of it is entirely happy, and I didn't want it all on display.

I just love how I was able to use remnants of the kit, even scraps of paper. Although the photo I took of the page could be better--let's face it--I like this page so much. No wonder this type of design is my favorite.

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