Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scrapbooking In Triplicate Challenge

Putting our embellishments to work in groups of three on a scrapbook page was the focus of this challenge by Shimelle Laine. With My Own Kit from April, 2013 used up, I went to My Own Kit from May, 2013 to create this page with Shimelle's challenge in mind.

My trios of embellishments include a button tied with twine, a brad, and a wood veneer asterisk. This layout is also the second one for Week 4 of Hello, one of the prompts suggesting a layout about what life was like five years ago. To refresh my memory, I flipped through the three volumes of scrapbook pages I created for 2008, and I was amazed--astounded, really--at how different life was then from what it is now. Really eye-opening, and it made me even more grateful for the documentation I do of my life through scrapbooking.

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