Saturday, June 30, 2012

Favorite Photos - June

I took a few more photos in June than I have been taking. Here are just a few of my favorites.

A sapling that my sweet husband is trying to grow into a tree...

...and the parent tree it likely came from.

My new cut and color on my birthday.

Blurry me and Daniel at TGIFriday's for birthday dinner.

Me and my little Mommy...

...and me and the nephew.

Mmmm...birthday dessert in my brand new bowls from Mom. (I got Rizzoli and Isles on DVD from DJ, but I didn't take a photo.)

At Claddagh on date night.

My Daniel being goofy on an evening out with friends...

...and looking oh-so-handsome in yellow on a very warm evening.

There's me enjoying a new Sam Adams blend I really like...

...and here I am, enjoying a long-awaited downpour on the 9th anniversary of my father's death. He would have loved to be out there with me.

A little surprise after a little rain on a blazing hot evening.

Me taking it easy after another long June day.

And there's my sweetheart, kicking back in the sun. What a sight for my eyes!

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  1. These are all so great Mel! I love the one of you in the rain and the one of Daniel napping. ;)