Friday, March 30, 2012

12 Days of Spring - Day Eleven

A day at home for me and Mom today. Daniel had to work, of course, and the nephew needed to meet up with fellow students to work on a group project at school.

I started my day off right.

Oatmeal for breakfast, cooked with milk. A little butter, a little brown sugar, some walnuts for me. So yummy.

I worked on pricing more of my wares for the garage sale at the local scrapbook store in a couple weeks. More coffee, of course.

Typical spring day in Michigan, with rain in the forecast for all day long.

It did not disappoint.

Wait...what is that sound? Is that hail?

Yes. Definitely hail. Although with the chilly temperatures, I wasn't sure whether it qualified as hail or freezing rain.

After I got some items on my to-do list done, I had a little time to play.

Still raining as Daniel and I headed out to pick up dinner.

Pizza night again!

When we got home, we gobbled up our pizza. Then, the nephew, Mom and I watched a movie on DVR, while Daniel got some work done.

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