Tuesday, March 20, 2012

12 Days of Spring - Day One

The day started out like most do, with a cup of coffee.

I stole a few moments to write in my journal as I sipped. Then, time for breakfast.

One of my favorite cereals, Great Grains with almonds and cranberries. So tasty! And of course, another cup of coffee.

After breakfast, I wandered outside to check on the garden (a strip of flower bed in the front yard). Hyacinths have really come up quickly, probably due to the unseasonable warmth the last day or two.

Tulips are on their way, too. Will they be pink or yellow or red? I wonder...

These pretties are already starting to bloom in that soft, fresh pink so reminiscent of spring.

With winter departed and warm weather here to summon all those flowers to bloom, it's time to put away the long sleeves and other winter wear. All folded and ready for storage until the autumn winds start to blow.

Tuesday is date night, but before Daniel and I go out, we head to Panera to get dinner for Mom and DJ. The outdoor tables were set up with umbrellas unfurled, another sign of spring.

Then we were off to spend time together. We stopped at a lovely park to enjoy the soft air.

Daniel took some photos with his iPhone...

...while this little duck waited for a yummy treat or two. Sorry, guy. we don't have anything for you!

We decided on Friday's for dinner, a frequent favorite. Steak and time together and good conversation wrapped up our first day of spring quite nicely. Stopping for ice cream on our way home made it even sweeter.

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