Saturday, March 24, 2012

12 Days of Spring - Day Five

Sleeping in is a great way to start a Saturday. Daniel made coffee, and we went about our usual morning routine. After I folded some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, I went out for an afternoon of shopping.

First stop, Scrappy Chic. A great store, lots of brand new goodies on the shelves. I bought the brand new collection from Echo Park, Note to Self, and the masculine version of This & That.

Next stop, Archivers. Fortunately, I had a coupon with me and used that to buy chipboard to go with one of the new collections I bought at Scrappy Chic.

Next, a break for a bite to eat at Pei Wei. Sweet and sour chicken and mandarin orange iced tea. I read a bit of The Americans, the last in the series by John Jakes that I've been reading for several months now.

My fortune. Thought-provoking. I was trying to recall what were the dreams of my youth.

Next stop, Joann's. I had a coupon for 25% off my whole purchase. Unfortunately, I didn't find much I couldn't live without. Some epoxy stickers, some alcohol blending solution, which I thought I had but couldn't locate yesterday, and the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Last stop, Starbucks for caramel macchiato to drink on the way home.

Daniel suggested he make chili for dinner. He was going to go to the grocery store to buy the fixings, but I'd been without him enough today, so I tagged along. Even going grocery shopping is fun with him.

Lots of fresh veggies go into Daniel's brand of chili. Onion and bell pepper and tomatoes. He chopped, and I got the meat started cooking. I really enjoyed us working together in the kitchen. We make a great team, and as always, the chili turned out good, flavorful and filling.

The day finished up with a movie on DVD and a conversation with my younger brother on the phone.

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