Friday, May 25, 2012

New Desk

This arrived today:

I'm so excited!

Awhile back, Daniel and I were sitting together at a dining table that serves as a dual desk and docking stations for our computers. Amidst the chaos of clutter, I felt cramped and crowded, and we started talking about how to remedy the situation. Our front room had a fair amount of space that wasn't really being utilized, so we talked about using part of it for my office space.

Which meant I'd need a desk.

At first, we looked online at roll top desks, but then we went window shopping on one of our dates, checking out what Pottery Barn had to offer. I won't say that I fell in love with that desk at first sight, but I definitely liked the spaciousness of it, and I did fall in love with that chair pretty fast.

Still...I hesitated, uncertain it was what I wanted, reluctant to spend the money. But the more I thought about it, the more I really wanted that desk with its pretty wicker chair in a style I've always liked, to come live at my house.

And let me tell you, I am so glad we bought it. That simple piece of furniture is going to simplify my life and make some of the daily tasks I have to do so much easier. Not only that, it gives me space of my own, room to breathe, and a way to get organized, which will greatly reduce my stress in ways I probably don't even realize just yet.

I'm thrilled.

And so, so grateful to Daniel, my sweet husband, who wouldn't let me not get this desk once I knew I wanted it. He always finds ways, great and small, to make my life easier and sweeter.


  1. OMG....I love it! We must have similiar taste....I am pretty sure I am going to dream about it tonight! Enjoy it!


  2. I LOVE it and thought the same thing "Sandi would love it too" lol!