Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Bit of Disappointment

So...I'm a bit bummed because I'm out of the running for blogging every day in May.

*insert frown here*

I had good intentions, great ones, in fact. I even downloaded the Blogger app last week because I knew that I'd be out of town this past weekend, and I wanted to keep up my blogging on the fly.

Which I did.

And then I got sick. In the middle of my getaway weekend with my sweetheart husband. Some kind of nasty tummy bug that's left me weak and unable to do much more than rest three days later.

Talk about disappointed.

I'm going to go ahead and blog the topics on the Blog Every Day in May list, even if I wasn't able to blog every day because I think it's an awesome challenge, and I want to keep participating. I've also got a lot of scrapbook pages to share from my own challenge, 30 in 30 Scrapbooking, which I completed successfully in April, which means my blog's going to be fairly active this month...

...which was the point of the Blog Every Day in May challenge in the first place.

Right? Right.

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