Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To Have a Romantic Getaway - Nearby Style

First, choose a fun, wonderful person to get away with. I chose this amazing man who happens to be my husband:

Next, choose a great place to stay. It could be a boutique hotel, a B&B, a cabin by the lake, a retro-style motor inn. Someplace where you and your sweetie will be comfortable and happy with lots of places and things to your liking to explore.

We chose Birmingham, which is within 30-45 minutes from us, depending on traffic. It's far enough to be away, but not so far that a lot of our precious and limited weekend is spent on travel (not that there isn't room for a road trip sometimes, especially if that's the kind of getaway you love.).

Check out the local fare. We wandered around the downtown area and discovered this wonderful little cafe called Be Social.

Eclectic decor, tasty and creative offerings for brunch, and there's rooftop seating I would've jumped at the chance to enjoy if the weather had been a little more cooperative. It was windy and rainy and a bit chilly, a typical spring day in Michigan. Enjoying local restaurants, at least for us, is more fun than the chain restaurants found in any city, unless of course that makes you happy, in which case, bon appetit!

Explore the local environment. Take off on a hike on a new forest trail. Shop the indie shops. Investigate the bargains at a whole-neighborhood garage sale or wander a museum. Whatever the exploration, discovering something new together is very romantic indeed. My love and I discovered a store called Paper Source we both enjoyed, and on the way back to our hotel, we discovered the library was having a book sale. We browsed the big basement room for almost an hour and bought several hardcover books and a few paperbacks to the tune of $13. Score!

In the midst of all that activity, pause to rest and refuel, like a bit of coffee and a treat at the local Starbucks.

If you're lucky enough to get away in spring, when all of Nature is blooming with new and colorful life, even in the city, definitely take a moment to notice (and photograph!) local flora.

And definitely leave time for relaxing and enjoying each other's undivided attention, like a quiet dinner for two in a lovely little restaurant or takeout in your room. Conversation with your beloved is definitely part of the recipe for romance!

After all, time together is the whole glorious point!

And one final word of advice. If you can at all help it, try REALLY hard not to get sick on the last night of your romantic getaway. It can put a little bit of a damper on a lovely weekend.

***Note: This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

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