Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday in the Life

In the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, the prompt for May 17th was to photo journal a day in the life. I was out of town for a beer fest called World Expo of Beer, and I wasn't really able to do it justice, being away from home without the proper tools. (Yes, I do have a Blogger app on my phone, but I'm still a bit on the learning curve, and trying to do a long post like that felt a little daunting, so here I am a day late.)

The morning began in the hotel lobby with coffee, the important start to all of my days.

We headed out down the street to explore and shop. First stop: the local farmer's market on its opening day.

Gorgeous spring blooms, though it definitely looks warmer than it was.

The 'phew was able to join us, and that's him and me on the bridge over the Cass River.

And me...

...and that handsome husband of mine.

Over that bridge, a quaint little shopping center with lots of shops, including...

...this awesome place where we got gourmet cupcakes, black forest for me, orange creamsicle for Daniel.

Here, we got a small bottle of cherry whiskey, and while I thought this sign on the wall was amusing, I doubt I'll ever totally "end my dependence" upon a wee bit o' the creature called Jameson's. That's just crazy talk!

For lunch we went back to the place we'd eaten dinner the night before. Good food, good beer...why wouldn't we?

After lunch, skee ball and more shopping with more people who joined our party.

Afterwards, we separated for awhile, some napping, some drinking, some (me!) walking around town, soaking up local sights, like this fountain in the midst of a sculpture depicting a may pole.

Later, dinner at a local restaurant that served enough food for a small village. Lots of laughter and conversation and good ol' fashioned fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and so did the people with me. Already looking forward to World Expo of Beer 2015.

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