Thursday, May 1, 2014

I've Been Busy - 30 in 30 Scrapbooking April 2014

Since my last post almost a month ago, I've been busy. Awhile back, I developed a scrapbooking challenge called 30 in 30 Scrapbooking that involves creating 30 scrapbook pages in 30 days, but without the pressure of similar challenges that require creating and posting a photo of a page every day. Because of life circumstances, I had to put the 30 in 30 Scrapbooking on indefinite hiatus.

My life circumstances have changed again as life circumstances tend to do, and back in March, I contemplated doing my own 30 in 30 challenge again in April. I wondered, could I find time to scrapbook often enough that I could actually accomplish that many layouts in that many days?

I gave it a whirl. I used My Own Kits, and I made use of some sketches. I took a no-pressure approach and used little blocks of time where I could find them. Sometime in March, I also made a commitment to carve out creative time for myself as part of my One Little Word journey, choosing Sunday morning, which has worked out very well for me.

And it turned out? I could create 30 scrapbook layouts in 30 days. In fact, because of a little mistake in my recording process as I went, I wound up creating 31.

Here are the first 10 layouts I created in April:

I'll share the rest in posts to follow and in future posts, I'll write more details.

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