Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The only thing that jumps to mind when I think of compliments I've received in the past are the ones I received from people who saw me taking care of my mother, or people who knew about me and my husband taking care of both her and our nephew when he became sick with leukemia in early 2013.

People have complimented me on being a good daughter in doctor's offices when I'm assisting my Mom with walking from the waiting room to the exam room. They've complimented me on being with her for physical therapy at the nursing home, helping her do exercises, cheering her on. Certain people have referred to me and my husband as "saints," because of the understood difficulty of taking care of two people with very different needs at the same time. It has been difficult. Sometimes, it has felt impossible, but Daniel and I never saw ourselves as saints.

We did what had to be done for the people we love because they needed us, and we could and wanted to be there for them.

Though I admit the compliments, people noticing, that was nice.

***Note: This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

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