Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Things I Love on Friday

One - Coffee: Since I was 19 years old, I've been a coffee drinker. It started out with lots of cream and lots of sugar, but along the way, I quit the sweet, and that's how I've enjoyed it ever since. I've tried it black, but I can't do it. So a little half-n-half does the trick. Discovering Starbucks in the mid-1990's at a Barnes and Noble in Tyler, Texas, only increased my love for coffee in a lot of different forms. Mocha's my favorite, but I can do a caramel macchiato or even plain Pike's Place blend. Coffee every morning when I wake up starts my day off right just like those commercials I watched as a kid. Of course, then I thought coffee was "yucky."

Two - Scrapbooking: No surprise there, but lately, I've been feeling in my groove again, loving most of the pages I'm creating and feeling like the craft is coming more easily than ever before. I've learned what I like, what works, and I've developed some confidence when it comes to creating my own designs. Like probably every other scrapbooker ever, I still feel a bit of pressure to "catch up" on some of the projects that have been waiting in the wings while life took its turbulent and time-consuming turns last year, but oh, yeah! I am loving the scrapbooking thing.

Three - Spring: While the season of flowers and increasing warmth is not my number one favorite time of year, I do love how everything is blooming and green and full of promise. Winter here was harsh this last time around, and even a person like me who loves the snow and icy cold, who pines for it when summer is at its hottest, can get to the point of eyes-to-the-sky enough already! (That actually happened. I told the sky to quit with the snow in moment of frustration at having to shove ANOTHER inches for the umpteenth time! The sky ignored me.) In my neck of the woods, spring is glorious with so many different kinds of flora, and while the temperature topped 80 degrees yesterday, it was a lovely day for sitting outside, soaking up some sun (people in Michigan are known for being Vitamin D deficient!) and dreaming a summer daydream or two. Oh, spring...welcome back.

Four - Books: I'm a book lover from way back, and that hasn't changed. I can't see it ever changing. Every time I go to a bookstore or the library, I'm almost intoxicated with story. Novels and memoirs are my favorite, but I love many other kinds, too. This year, I've been able to finish books I started several years ago, and that feels awesome. I'm also adding to my library and really looking forward to reading new books, too. Reading is something I've missed from my life the past few years, and I love that I'm bringing it back into my regular rotation of things I love to do.

Five - Writing: I wanted to be a writer when I was a small child, even before I totally understood what that meant. Writing is something I've always loved. Telling stories. Pen dancing across a page, fingers dancing across the keys. It's not just something I love, it's part of who I am and always have been and always want to be. That it comes in last on this little 5 item list does not mean I love it less than anything else, though it does tend to fall to the end of the priority list a lot of the time. That's just how life does, sometimes. This year, as I keep exploring what matters to me and ways to get those things higher on the list of things that get done, writing is in play. Maybe I'll even write something like a novel or a collection of poetry and self-publish it by year's end. That would be awesome.

***Note: This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, but perhaps 5 Things I Love on Friday should be an every Friday series?

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